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Cyber Intelligence Course & Competition

Do you have a competitive spirit? Looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your teamwork skills with other cadets from different squadrons? Are you fascinated by the intricacies of Cyber Intelligence? If so, this is your chance to expand your learnings on how to navigate a very different and virtual world.

There will be a Cyber Intelligence Course and competition commencing very soon with the first Competition weekend on January 22-23 time pending. Registration for this event opened on January 4, 2021. This cyber intelligence course and competition is to test cadet's defensive cyber security skills and compete virtually in teams of five. These teams may also be composed of cadets from different squadron and is a perfect opportunity to safely get to know others.

If you are interested, cadets must email their squadron's CO's and they will be registered through Fortress confirmation. Cadets are to register NLT Jan. 14 2021. Cyber Coaches will then contact their teams by email and COs will be cc'd and confirmed in Fortress. It is imperative that the most current contact info is given to register.

Date Breakdown:

Registration starts: Jan 4 2021

Registration ends: Jan 14 2021 Cadets must be confirmed in Fortress.

First Competition Weekend: Jan 22-23

More details and information can be found here

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