• CIV Jamie Capistrano

Discussion Session - Monday, Mar 15 2021

Hello Cadets & Parents of 220 Red River Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron!

We trust you all had a great weekend and were again able to enjoy that sunshine and warmer weather!

For tonight we have another great discussion planned regarding Bill C-2; We are using the name C-21 because it's far more memorable than its name "An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms)" (What kind of name is that even?)

Points we hope to cover:

· Overview of the bill

o https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/cntrng-crm/frrms/c21-en.aspx

· Both sides of "The Right to Bear Arms"

· Pros / Cons of Restricting Access to Handguns in Cities.

· Pros / Cons of Increasing Jail Time for offenses

· How do Airsoft guns fit into the new bill?

o What about the Daisy Air Rifle Cadets use?

· The Buyback programs

· What was the Government trying to accomplish with this bill?

· Does the bill accomplish the Government's goals?

The Google classroom link was emailed out to the cadets just this morning and will be reposted in each level classroom.

We ask that everyone come with questions, opinions, and their unique views on this topic. Last time we had a discussion organized like this, everyone was fantastic about sharing their views and being respectful of those they disagree with, and that will remain the expectation next week.

Our goal is to add in the understanding of this issue, and let you make your own choice as to where you feel the right answer is.

As always, parents are more than welcome to spectate this discussion if they would like to! We just ask that we leave the opinions to the cadets. Staff will facilitate with information, and to provide counter opinions as appropriate, and not to impose any of our own personal views. If any parents are Subject Matter Experts on this topic in their profession and would like to be able to provide an expert opinion, please let me know.

This will be a discussion with people having very different views, I look forward to having a respectful discussion on this, and for us all to gain a better understanding of the issue, and the perspectives of those who we both agree, and disagree with.

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