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Important Reminders

Hello all,

The following are important announcements and reminders for upcoming events for both parents and cadets:

SSC Parent Meeting:

Emails had already been circulating on the postponed date, but the next SSC Parent Meeting is scheduled tonight, January 13, 2021 starting at 19h00.

The meeting agenda and the Zoom link, is pending and will be sent in a separate email prior to the meeting.

For reference, here are the minutes from the last SSC meeting: December 9, 2020 SSC Minutes

Effective Speaking

An announcement was previously made in our last post with effective speaking starting up again this year. There will be two different levels of sessions running on different nights.

Effective Speaking (Introductory Level) started this past Monday and will be every Monday nights, following training/parade starting at 20h10.

The first Intermediate/Advanced Effective Speaking session will take place on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 18h30 and will take place weekly every Thursday at this time. As a prerequisite for this group, cadets must have at least one year experience in effective speaking or in Toastmasters to participate in these sessions.

If you previously missed the opportunity to join and have an interest to attend either session, please send an email to staff@220air.ca indicating your rank, name and which session you are interested in.

Upcoming Schedule In January

This has been continually discussed during all training nights, but to remind you:

- January 18: Regular Virtual Training Night

- January 25: No training/classes: to allow study time for exam season.

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