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Initiatives For Air Cadets: Deadline Apr. 14 2021

A message on behalf of Scott Lawson, Executive Director of REAL Services Canada:

Good day Squadrons and Officers. The Air Cadet League has transferred a number of its initiatives over to a new, not-for-profit corporation (REAL Services Canada) to operate, supported through a Collaboration Agreement between both parties.

I am pleased to inform you of 2 initiatives that will be of interest to many of the Cadets and are both FREE to participate or visit. A flyer has been enclosed (pdf attachment below) relating to both initiatives. Here is a quick summary:

  1. A new aviation/aerospace career website YIPEE (www.yipee.ca ) is now launched. We have LtCol (ret’d) Maryse Carmichael as one of our initial speakers! There are other webinars and lots of career content that may be of interest and the site is FREE to all visitors.

  2. An exciting virtual pilot training system that is being tested is also FREE to any youth in high school. They will get to test out modules in a virtual system and provide feedback to help with future development. Participants will be eligible for winning gift cards and registration can be found at: alphat.vrcity.ca .

I would be pleased to respond to any questions that you may have, you can contact me at your convenience. Thank you for your assistance in communicating these to the Cadets and we wish you continued success in delivering the program at this time.

YIPEE - Finding Your Future in Aviation
Download • 384KB

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