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Post Expo Activities: Advent Calendar of Kindness / CAF Holiday Cards

Thank you again for participating in this past weekend's Expo. We hope that you found valuable and insightful information in each of the sessions.

From that Expo we are hoping to keep things interactive with our Advent Calendar of Kindness and sending Holiday Cards to CAF members.

For this advent calendar we want to bring back the excitement of doing things apart and together simultaneously as we did in the summer. On the pictured calendar above, each day is an act of kindness for every day in December.

We encourage everyone to do these activities and spread the kindness to ourselves and others in a safe manner. We are hoping to also showcase your highlights. Please send any pictures of you doing these activities to staff@220air.ca

CAF Holiday Cards:

Cadets, during the expo this past weekend all cadets, staff, & volunteers prepared Holiday Cards for Canadian Armed Forces Members currently serving. For any cadets that were not able to tune in this past weekend, we would like to offer you the same!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Ask your parents of guardian for a Holiday Card!

2. Write / Draw something in the Card. If you aren’t sure what to write inside, here are a few ideas that could work! “Thank you for your Service, especially over the holidays” or “Merry Christmas to our Hero’s” or “Sending my best wishes for the holidays” or Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all who serve, we are proud of you and thank you” you can always talk about yourself (hobbies, interests, weather as well.)

3. Once you are done, mark the following address on the envelope.

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member PO Box 5004 Stn Forces Belleville, ON K8N 5W6

4. A postage stamp is required ($1.07), then it can be sent in the mail!

Please note that when you have completed this please send an email with your card to staff@220air.ca and we will mark down completion of a Citizenship Activity.

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