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Reminder: Virtual Holiday Party Tonight

Hello all,

Please be reminded that tonight at 18h00 commences our virtual holiday party!

We are hoping to get together and have some fun before we end the year and return for our CO's parade next year on Jan. 4 2021.

Below are some of the activities we have in store for you:

- Virtual games: Jackbox Party Pack & Among Us - There are prizes to be handed out for the first few Jackbox games!

- 220 Bake-Off! We're making some sugar cookies live in this hour! YUM!

- Festive Dress Up: we just love the holidays, and what better way to show everyone than by what we're wearing! A fun contest for a prize will also be given out for the choice apparel!

- Movie Screening: Showing: The Grinch

Aside from coming together for the movie to finish the evening, it is absolutely your choice in what activities you would like to do! Please see details, ingredient list and Google classroom links in your emails sent out today.

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