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Speaker Series: Aviation Careers

An opportunity was identified at Ref for Air Cadets interested in Aviation Careers to participate in a speaker series run by YOuth FLight Canada Education Fund, titled:

"Flight Plan Revised: Aviation Career Post-COVID World"

The objective of the sessions is to favourably change the prospects and ease in which aspiring aviators could join this workforce. These sessions are excellent opportunities for Air Cadets to explore opportunities in flying from subject matter experts while in person activities at the Squadron are not possible.

One session had already taken place on the 20th, but if this piques your interest, please participate via Zoom sessions. The following meetings will be held at 7 PM EDT (1800 Central) on 27 Sep and on 4 Oct. The link is here and alternative login method below:

Meeting ID: 970 5780 5633

Passcode: 963026

Each meeting will feature two speakers who are involved in Canadian aviation, from military and airline pilots to sport, aerobatic, and alternative flying communities such as crop dusters, bush pilots, and competitive soaring pilots. Talks are expected to be English only and will be 20 min each followed by Q&A. 

For more details, the Cadets Canada page has created Facebook events for the series here.

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