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Summer Training Information

The following message has been edited to exclude some details that were emailed out to the cadets. Please refer to the email for some details not shared here publicly.

Good Evening Everyone,

There are important details ahead, so please read thoroughly.

We have received updated Summer Training information for cadets wishing to attend a Virtual Cadet Training Centre (VCTC) this summer. There have been significant changes to the VCTC due to feedback from Corps / Squadrons, and the changing COVID-19 situation. We are being directed to have cadets reapply to accommodate for these changes. On behalf of all the Squadron Staff, I sincerely apologize for having to reapply. This is a change that is occurring Nationally for all Air, Army, and Sea Cadets.

There is good news in all of this though, as the VCTC courses they are offering are more in line with CTC courses cadets have attended in the past. This also will mean if you attend for example Virtual Advanced Aviation, it will count as if you took Advanced Aviation in person. It looks like they have moved in more of a substantive, complete course model. This should lead to a better CTC experience, with the lighter shorter courses being offered in future Cadet Activity Programs (CAP) like just occurred over Spring Break.

The brochure with what courses are being offered was attached to the email sent to cadets (with course descriptions & dates) as well as a paper application, and a google form to make the application process as easy as possible. For cadets selected for a VCTC, we will NEED a signed paper application, but for the purposes of quick submission, we're asking parents and cadets to fill out our form, that way we can get all your information in ASAP, and don't have to stress about printing, and mailing, or scanning and emailing.

This is a lot of information, so in order to help make this a smooth process, we want to be as accessible as possible. If you have any questions about the application process we are offering the following supports:

Email us at staff@220air.ca, or 220air@cadets.gc.ca, and one of the staff will respond ASAP.

  1. Reach out to 2Lt Torch 204-798-5989, or Capt. Undiks 204-981-7548 and we will return your call ASAP. (I'm sure the other staff are happy to help too)

  2. We will be available after our guest presentations this Monday 19-Apr-2021 for any questions, and

  3. We will host a special VCTC Briefing / Q&A - TUES 20-Apr-2021 @ 18:30-19:30 - meet.google.com/fbe-acnn-iv.

If you're interested in attending a VCTC, here's an action list for you and your parents:

  • Look over the brochure, and paper application form and if you have any questions, ask via any of the means listed above.

  • Apply via the link provided in the email before 01-May-2021. Your old application will not count under this new process. Prepare and send via email, or mail the paper application. We will need this on file if you are selected.

Again, we're really sorry we have to ask for you to apply again. At the national and regional level, the changes between what they were planning on offering before, and the current version are just so different that it only makes sense for you to reapply. It's a very different set of courses, and now that there is information on each course, it gives everyone the chance to make an informed choice as to the course they want. That all being said, let us, (the squadron staff) know if you have any questions.

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