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Trek To The ISS: Results

To conclude our last training year and commence summer 220 RCACS created a competition to encourage physical activities safely in our community together and apart. Our previous cadets were challenged to commute by bike, hike, walk or run to the International Space Station and track their activity and progress.


The International Space Station orbits at approximately 220 miles (350 km) above the Earth and it travels at an average speed of 17,227 miles (27,724 km) per hour. ISS makes multiple orbits around the Earth every day. You can use this to track the location of the ISS. The dimensions of the completed ISS research facility will be approximately 356 feet (109 meters) by 240 feet (73 meters), or slightly larger than a football field. When completed, the ISS will weigh around 450 tons (408,000 kg), or 450 times the weight of an average car.

As it was previously announced in our starting virtual orientation sessions this year, there were prizes awarded to two cadets determined by furthest traveled distance and one by random draw. Thank you again for participating and keeping active this summer.

1st Place Winner:

Cpl R. Ramey

Featured here is our furthest trekker and a distance map, who logged an incredible 383 km!! That is definitely at least a trek to the ISS and a few "space walks". Congratulations to her and FCPl Tucker for winning the draw!

Check out out what our other cadets were up to this summer in our gallery below.

Pictured Above: Cpl Z. Leonor, Cpl T. Holland, FCpl B. Hordyk and their families.

This was an amazing event we created together! Thank you everyone for your participation throughout! We were able to showcase your amazing energy and spirit, despite spending this time Together, Apart.

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