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The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) holds monthly Parents Meetings, which will take place virtually in 2020, to discuss how to best accomplish duties and goals of the SSC. The minutes of past meetings can be found online. Please join us to learn more of the activities of the cadets, add to the discussion, and provide guidance and advice.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (Constitution available here) of an Air Cadet Squadron is responsible for:

  • providing for the financial and routine administrative needs of the Squadron;

  • providing appropriate accommodation for the Squadron’s training, administration and stores when it is not provided by the CF;

  • providing such other facilities or assistance as may be mutually agreed between the Squadron Sponsor, the Squadron Sponsoring Committee, and the CF;

  • providing training aids and equipment, including band instruments, not supplied by the CF;

  • providing transportation, when not available from the CF, for local training exercises;

  • Registering and Screening all volunteers in accordance with League policies;

  • working with Squadron Staff to arrange Cadet recreational programs;

  • ensuring that all Squadron members, Cadets, staff, and volunteers, are treated fairly;

  • publicizing the aims of the Squadron within the community;

  • assisting in recruiting suitable persons to be Cadets in their Squadron;

  • inviting / recruiting suitable members of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee;

  • liaison with other Cadet unit Squadron Sponsoring Committees;

  • supporting Provincial Committee activities;

  • providing input to Cadets’ applications for summer training;

  • assisting in providing names of possible candidates for replacement Officers and for positions as Civilian Instructors or volunteers; and

  • providing input and other comments through the Provincial Committee to the appropriate Regional Cadet Support Unit Commander regarding the appointment, promotion, transfer or release of Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officers for the Cadet Squadron.

The Department of National Defence covers a portion of the operating costs of each Cadet unit in Canada. Much of the program costs are covered by the fundraising activities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee, under the authority of the Air Cadet League, is responsible for ensuring adequate finances are acquired to support the training program. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is a registered non-profit organization, which pays and annual assessment (currently $32 per cadet) to the Air Cadet League each year to cover insurance and other costs, in addition to providing funding for citizenship trips, and other activities (such as the Mess Dinner) not covered by the Department of National Defence.

While 220 Squadron does not require an annual membership fee, to ensure Cadets of every financial group can participate, we strongly encourage every cadet and his/her parent(s) to participate in fundraising activities organized by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

The full Constitution of 220 Red River Squadron is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzc5OufFNDtyZ2Q0RW5lbE1vZDQ3dGx6SFNWcjF1V2pRMFRJ


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